John Burroughs Society

Ensuring JBS's Long-Term Success

John Burroughs SocietyAlumni, parents, grandparents and friends who include Burroughs in their wills, trusts or other estate planning programs are members of the John Burroughs Society. The Society honors those whose gifts support the vision of the school's founders: to prepare individuals for higher education and useful community life by helping them achieve human as well as academic excellence.

Since its founding, the John Burroughs Society has grown to more than 200 members who have made a lasting impact, giving $13.2 million to the school. Those who have included JBS in their estate planning tell us they do it because of what the school means to them and their families. Whether it's a memory of a teacher who changed the way they think about the world, a coach who taught them the value of teamwork and leadership, or a classmate they'll never forget — they want to give back.


We invite you to become a member of the John Burroughs Society. Lifetime membership is extended to individuals who make one or more of the following commitments to the school:

  • Include Burroughs in their estate plans
  • Create a charitable life-income arrangement to benefit the school
  • Name JBS as a beneficiary of retirement assets or life insurance
  • Donate a personal residence or a vacation home to Burroughs and reserve a life estate

There is no minimum gift amount required for membership in the John Burroughs Society. To join, please fill out our membership form or contact Lisa Holekamp Yost ’78 at (314) 993-4045, ext. 283 or

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